Sandy Grant was born in 1973 and graduated from Grays School of Art in 1997. He currently lives and works in Glasgow – studio @ Glasgow Independent Studios, Trongate 103. 


Exhibitions include; The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh / Transmission and Intermedia, Glasgow / La Scatola Gallery, London / Agentur Bildende Kunst, Berlin / TRUCK Gallery, Calgary, Canada



My work portrays things in the world.

In all my work I bring my love for creating images together with the things, places, events and ideas that I am engaged with in the world around me.

I usually try to avoid any specific or single agenda but to offer the viewer space to see the things portrayed and come to their own conclusions, deliberately bringing things into resolution or making them ambiguous.

In my work I try to create films with equal measures of mystery and resolution which is ultimately satisfying.

I am interested in creating images which are simultaneously resolved and mysterious both visually and in their meaning or content - the mundane next to the mindboggling, the familiar becoming the fantastic just portraying it in an unusual but valid way.


In my paintings I try to visualize these instances that I personally experience or witness second hand and search for ways to let the painted images carry meanings or significance through the transformations that painting allows. Painting offers an image a chance to evolve into another appearance.

I hope my work always conveys the action of painting, the presence of the painter’s activity; the deliberate and the accidental. It carries the image away from being a copy of its source in an attempt to tease out another aspect, meaning or emotion that came from that subject in the first place. Appearing simultaneously as an image with many meanings and as mere brush marks, dribbles and blobs of colour.

My current work conveys how our daily human life comes into contact with other aspects of our natural family; plants, animals and environments that can be unusual, unsettling and sometimes frightening. These experiences can feel out of context with our busy human activities, reminding us of facts we all know but don’t often acknowledge; unstoppable impermanence, the insurmountable force of nature, our co-habitation on earth with so many other vigorous creatures and how all this exists even on our doorsteps, in our streets and cities.”

Sandy Grant 2016


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